I visited Hampi after the nationwide lockdown finally came to an end.

I couldn't go anywhere for months due to the coronavirus crisis. But in the end, the outbreak subsided and soon, everything was back to being normal again. I had already decided to visit Hampi once the lockdown ceased, so we planned for the trip and left.

I visited Hampi for the first time in 2016 and that was also the last time. In 2020, I did not know exactly what kind of photographs I must capture, because during this time, if I were to take photos like before, my trip would have been for nothing. My money and time would have been wasted. Hence, the theme of this photography trip was a challenge for me which I dealt with during the journey to Hampi.

I photographed only the summits of the temples in Hampi. I managed to capture a fresh perspective for each picture much unlike the ones from 2016 by photographing from different angles and different timings. I was very happy to see all my photos, majorly because I saw that my skill had improved since the last time I visited.

This time I photographed the temples of Hampi and the lives of the local people residing there, and the following photos are from this exciting journey.