New Beginning

The photograph to be memorable for viewers require a great combination of composition, handling with colors, the theme of the photo, light utilization and of course of the story behind the photography. But for me, each photograph is memorable because of the effort and hard work because of passion with each capture.

I remember each of my favorite photographs because of the story behind the scene of the photograph. Though each one is special to me some of these are close to my heart .one day I went to my photographic GURU Mr. TilakHariya sir to meet, sir was busy in other work so I decided to see his work. One photograph I saw was mind-blowing and I had no word to express at the time. The photograph was of the dead body burning at funeral pyre taken on the Varanasi riverside, the journey beyond death. I think that was a challenging photograph for me at that time as I am new. So I decided to try to take the same photograph on the Varanasi riverside. I pack my luggage and move to Varanasi, It was a 5-day trip I as decided and thought easy task.
Varanasi belongs to Kashi Vishweshar as a Holy place beside the Ganga River. When someone dies, the dead body is burned beside the holy river. It supposed to have a great journey of the soul beyond this life in this way by the Hindu religion. I was taking the same shots as that of Hariya sir on famous MANIKARNIKA GHAT. I thought it will take only one day to do a perfect job but I was wrong. It takes me about 4 full days to take a perfect click. 3 full days and full nights I was with the burning dead bodies around, my lunch my dinner everything was there and I am without a bath for full 3 days. I remember I was disappointed a little bit because that was the last day of my trip, near around 1 am at night I was able to capture a perfect shot as on my mind. At that moment I was the happiest and excited because of the perfect job done after a long effort. The moment was unforgettable to me, two main things I learned from the past few days. One there is nothing easy doing in photography as I imagine and Two there is nothing impossible to me If I take the path of hard work and passion.

That photograph was award-winning and famous later on. I got the appreciation from all over the friend and photography circle mostly from my GURU TilakHariya sir, who was happy because of the hard work and passion of his growing student.