Historical Temples

Vijaynagar which is better known to the world as Hampi is a World Heritage Site in Karnataka, India. It was the capital of the erstwhile Vijaynagar Empire and its fame was far and wide. Beautifully designed and planned, it was a major business hub in the olden days. However, it lost its glory when it faced the wrath of several foreign invaders who plundered and destroyed its wonderful architecture. But even today when one visits this place, one is lost in its drama and magnitude. One cannot stop wondering over the awe and splendour it must have seen in its glorious days.

You need a minimum of 4 days to see Hampi in its fullness. One can find numerous stay places and the variety of cuisine it offers ranges from continental to the typical South Indian fare. If one wants to really enjoy Hampi, it's better to have the sumptuous and healthy south Indian delicacy without a doubt.

The Temples and the architecture available to see today are still in quite good conditions. When I first visited Hampi I was flummoxed by the wonders it had to show. My imagination was blown away as I was lost and fascinated followed by a brief moment where I couldn’t decide what to take a photo of. I was amazed by this world that was made out of stone and by the ancient architecture. As far as the eye could see, there were only stones, stone work and stone sculptures. Being an amateur photographer, it took me lot of time to capture its entire beauty through my lens, because everything I visualized was stunningly beautiful. I was a guest there for three days. The most astounding fact is that the richness and grandeur is intact even in the present times. Hampi is definitely a paradise for any photographer. This was the gist of my 3-day journey through the stunning sculptures of Hampi.

I am sure you will love the beauty of Hampi through my photographs. Thank you!