Pushkar Mela

11 kms away from Ajmer, there is a place of pilgrimage called Pushkar in Rajasthan. On the auspicious day of Kartiki Pournima, a very famous fair gathers here, which is attended by a large number of people from various countries. Many Hindu devotees also gather here for the fair and bathe in the holy water of the Pushkar lake which is believed to purify the souls of devotees. Devotees and all travellers alike visit the Shri. Rangji temple as well as more others during this time to receive blessings.

The state administration gives a lot of importance to this event and the local administration takes care of all the arrangements. The cultural and traditional authorities organise various cultural events during this time to make the experience of every person richer and more diverse.

There is also a renowned cattle fair during this time where the pets participate in various events and fascinating displays. There are rewards for the best participant. The cattle fair is the biggest attraction of this entire event.

Many cultural and traditional events are organised in India on a large scale, but the Pushkar fair has the most visitors compared to any other event. Most of these travellers are from foreign countries, who prefer going to Pushkar over any other cultural event. Every year during the Kartik month which starts around the end of October and ends during the end of November, this event hosts Pushkar camels which have distinguished this event in the eyes of the world. There is a cultural mixture during this time because people from various countries gather here along with various patrons from the states of India itself. On the other hand, the demographic which makes the experience most fulfilling are the local population and the tribal population who come here with their camels to participate in the cattle fair. The fair is held in a wide expanse of the desert. There are a lot of flea markets, food stalls, circuses, fair rides and a lot more. Camels are seen wherever the eyes can see as the proximity of the desert to the fair is very high. Ultimately, it is the fair hosting the animals which is the showstopper for anybody visiting.