Travelling is something that I enjoy thoroughly. The excitement of seeing new places, new traditions and the natural beauty in that region is something that I haven’t lost ever since I started. We learn how to appreciate and live life as we experience both good and bad times through such journeys. Meeting new people and living their life for a brief amount of time through their culture and perspective and language is something I allow myself to drown in endlessly as I travel.

As we cross borders within India, we cross boundaries into regions with different cultures, clothing sense, rules and some general domesticities which is very fascinating. On the other hand, when I visit some very remote region where there is a lack of water and basic facilities, where one needs to labour the whole day in order to earn two square meals, it saddens me deeply.

There still exist places where people don’t take the sick and elderly from their home to hospitals and clinics, instead they procure herbs from jungles and make their own local medicines and sustain themselves on it. It is fascinating that there are still places where people are getting the best out of their life without having the need to live in and benefit from modern provisions from cities.

And I am still exploring,

And looking for new people,

And their new traditions.