Black and White

Life, in all its glory is very beautiful and colourful. The beauty of life is also that, without a lack of colour, we do not understand their importance. Everyone does not have a colourful life. There are people amidst us who struggle with various predicaments and are burdened with responsibilities that sometimes they cannot take care of. There are some of us, unfortunate; who face a great deal of difficulty in procuring basic needs like food and shelter, and have no other alternative but to work tirelessly along with the entire family only to have just enough to feed on. Many children’s dreams are either lost or kept aside because of this situation where they are also forced to work alongside their family. These struggles are not colourful, these are the depressing parts of humanity which we cannot express in a happy manner. These are the lowest phases of people which are best expressed in the most basic colours that are offered to our eyes: black and white.

I feel like these emotions and feelings are best expressed in monochrome as they express struggle, distress, crisis, hardship, plight and perseverance in a very raw and beautiful manner. Black and white photographs have a complex beauty in them which can be understood by everyone who has experienced pain; which is all of us.

Everyone has a different opinion concerning the impact of black and white photos compared with coloured ones, and with respect to that, my intuition has always directed me towards this mode of expression whenever I feel like I want to make people understand a certain situation or change their perspective about a certain thing.